Pennies From Heaven Rules

Pennies From Heaven is a version of Canasta for six players and four decks. The normal Canasta rules apply except for the following:

  • The game is played by six players in two partnerships of three players each.

  • Use four 52-card decks plus eight jokers, for a total of 216 cards.

  • Each player is dealt thirteen cards, then each player is dealt a separate packet of eleven cards. The player may not look at these until he makes his first canasta, at which time he adds them all to his hand.

  • When drawing from the stock, draw two cards at a time.

  • Sevens may not be discarded until each side has completed a canasta of sevens (either natural or mixed).

  • A seven may not be discarded when going out.

  • A canasta is limited to seven cards (it cannot be extended).

  • Wild cards may be melded as a set of their own (three or more).

  • There is no distinction between jokers and twos; both are wild, and may be mixed freely.

  • The discard pile cannot be taken when the upcard is a wildcard.

  • Red threes count 100 points each, or 1000 points total if one side holds all eight.

  • Red threes count minus if a side has not completed a canasta of sevens.

  • The initial meld by a side must meet the following minimum counts, depending on the side's total score at the beginning of the hand:

    Total ScoreMinimum Count
    0 to 49550
    500 to 99590
    1000 to 1495120
    1500 and up150

  • To go out, a side must have completed, at a minimum, a canasta of sevens (worth 1500 points), one wild canasta (worth 1000 points), one natural canasta (worth 500 points), and one mixed canasta (worth 300 points).

  • Game is 20000 points.

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