Canasta For Five Players

Five-handed Canasta follows most of the rules of four-handed Canasta except for the following:

  • One side has three players, and the other side has two players.

  • On the three-player team, the players take turns sitting out while the other two play. For example, if the three players are A, B, and C, during the first hand, A and B play; during the second hand, A and C play; during the third hand, B and C play, and so on.

  • The two sides then play regular partnership Canasta.

  • The player who is sitting out can observe, but cannot participate in any way, such as in providing advice, or in pointing out irregularities in play. However, after the hand is complete, he may assist in scoring the hand.

  • Score is kept for partnerships ("We" vs. "They") rather than individually.

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