Brazilian Canasta Rules

Brazilian Canasta is a basically Bolivia with a few minor changes:

  • Game is 10000 points.

  • Brazilian Canasta has some modified initial meld requirements (lower scores the same as Canasta):

    Total ScoreMinimum Count
    7000 to 7995any canasta
    8000 to 8995a canasta and total meld worth at least 200 points
    9000 and upnatural canasta

  • You may not take the discard pile to form the initial meld.

  • A canasta consisting only of wildcards counts 2000 points.

  • If your side ends up with a melded sequence of less than five cards when the hand ends, you are penalized 1000 points.

  • In going out, you may add to the ends of a sequence canasta.

  • If you have one to four red threes, they're worth 100 points each. If a side has five red threes, they're worth 1000 points total. If a side has all six red threes, they're worth 1200 points total.

  • Points for red threes are positive if the side has melded at least one canasta, or negative if it has not.

  • A player must always ask permission of his partner before going out.

Additional Information