Cuban Canasta Rules

Cuban Canasta is a version of Canasta in which the discard pile is always frozen, and canastas are limited to seven cards. The principal differences compared to regular Canasta are:

  • Each player is dealt thirteen cards.

  • Game is 7500 points.

  • The initial meld minimum count is 150 for 5000 points and up.

  • Red threes are worth 100 points for one, 300 points for two, 500 points for three, and 1000 points for four.

  • Points for red threes are positive if the side has melded at least one canasta, or negative if it has not.

  • Black threes may not be discarded during the first time around the table.

  • If the pack is taken and contains any black threes, they are set aside, and are no longer in play. Each black three taken in this way counts five points, or 100 points for all four.

  • A canasta may not contain more than seven cards.

  • Wild cards may be melded as a set of their own (three or more).

  • A canasta of seven deuces counts 4000 points. A canasta of four jokers and three deuces counts 3000 points. A wild canasta in any other combination counts 2000 points.

  • If the discard pile is topped by a wildcard, it may not be taken.

  • There is no bonus for going out concealed.

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