Hollywood Canasta Rules

Hollywood Canasta is a variation of Samba (which is itself derived from Canasta), and differs from Samba in the following ways:

  • Each meld must include at least three natural cards.

  • One wild card may be used in a sequence canasta.

  • A mixed sequence canasta counts as 1000 points; a natural (or "pure" sequence canasta counts as 2000 points.

  • A canasta is limited to seven cards (it cannot be extended).

  • The discard pile may always be taken by a player having a natural pair matching the upcard (except for black threes), and this includes deuces and jokers (a pair of twos can take a deuce; a pair of jokers can take a joker).

  • If the discard pile is not frozen, the top card (unless it is a wildcard) may be taken to add to a meld of less than seven cards.

Additional Information