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Rummy-Games.com provides comprehensive information about the card game of "Rummy". Although Rummy and its variations are among the most popular card games played all over the world, there has been no central resource for Rummy players. You can find rules for Rummy games on various sites, as well as a few sites that offer online Rummy games and Rummy software, but there is no site that offered everything.

Until now.

Rummy-Games.com offers everything you need to know about the game of Rummy, including:

  • Rummy Information: You can learn about the history of Rummy and the basics of gameplay, find links to other Rummy sites, and learn from Rummy frequently-asked questions.

  • Rummy Rules: Rummy-Games.com provides the rules for all of the most popular Rummy games and variations, as well as many lesser-known and related games. Our goal is to provide the most authorative and complete set of Rummy rules on the net.

  • Rummy Software: Rummy games are available for every type of computer, including Windows, Macintosh, PocketPC, and PalmOS. We provide the web's most comprehensive collection of Rummy Games.

  • Online Rummy: In addition to playing games against the computer on your own PC, you can also play online, right from your browser, against real live opponents.

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Very few sources of information stand alone, and this site is no exception. Though much of the text, and all of the specific organization and implementation of this site is original (Copyright © 2024 by Rummy-Games.com), the information on this site is based on information contained in a number of books and other web sites. Rummy-Games.com is indebted to the authors of these publicationss for their pioneering research and work. It is impossible to acknowledge all of these sources, but the following are a few specific references:

  • John McLeod's pagat.com is an inspiration to all game site authors. The structure, organization, and thoroughness of his information is a model of what the Internet at its best can be.
  • The Wikipedia provided some of the background information from which this site was built.
  • Books referenced when building this site include:
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