Round-the-Corner Gin Rummy Rules

Round-the-Corner is a variation of Gin Rummy (sometimes also called "Round-the-Horn Gin Rummy") with the following differences compared to normal Gin:

  • The ace may rank either high or low, and sequences may go "around the corner" (e.g. A-2-3, A-K-Q, 2-A-K).

  • If an ace ends up as deadwood, it counts as 15 points rather than 1 point.

  • The undercut bonus, gin bonus, and box bonus are 20 points each.

  • The game is played to 125 points.

  • If one player goes gin, his opponent may lay off on the gin hand. If his count can be reduced to zero, neither player scores on that hand.

  • The discard pile is kept spread so that all cards can be read.

  • A partnership game is played to 25 point more than in normal Partnership Gin Rummmy - 150 points for a four-handed game, 175 for a six- or eight-handed game, 200 for ten players, and so on.

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