Hollywood Gin Rummy Rules

Hollywood Gin is a method of scoring Gin Rummy as though three games were being played simultaneously. The scoresheet is laid out for Game 1, Game 2, and Game 3. When a player first wins a deal, his score is entered in Game 1. His second win is entered in Game 1 and also in Game 2. His third and subsequent wins are scored in all three games. Each game ends in the usual way, with due bonuses for game, boxes, shutout. After a game has ended, subsequent scores apply only to games still open.

The same principle can be extended to maintain three simultaneous games indefinitely. After the first game has ended, Game 4 begins, and so on, Either player may give notice, before a new deal, that be wishes to terminate play. The three games in progress are then finished.

If a player was shut out in one game, his next score is entered as the first score in the next game in progress.

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