Oklahoma Gin Rummy Rules

Oklahoma Gin is a variation on Gin Rummy, in which the first upcard determines the maximum number of points with which a player may knock in that deal. Face cards count as 10, aces as 1, and number cards as their index value. For example, if the updard was a 5, the knocker must have five points or less.

Many players adopt the rule that if the upcard is an ace, a player may only go out with a gin hand.

In addition, the "Spades Double" rule may be used, in which case a spade as the upcard causes all points in that hand to count double.

Oklahoma Gin Variations

  • Some rulebooks specify that the Spades Double rule causes all points and bonuses in that hand to count double. Other rulebooks say that gin and undercut bonuses are doubled, but box (line) bonuses are not doubled.

  • Scarne On Cards also mentions an additional variation called "Oklahoma Gin with Extra Bonuses (Kisses)", in which two extra boxes are awarded for gin, and one extra box for underknock. If playing Partnership Gin, only the winning team (not the individual winning players), get the extra boxes.

Note: Oklahoma Gin is a separate game from Oklahoma, which is also a Rummy game, but is not based on Gin Rummy.

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