Progressive Rummy Rules

Progressive Rummy is a variation of Contract Rummy. The principal differences between Progressive Rummy and Contract Rummy are:

  • In Progressive Rummy, each player is dealt six cards in deal #1, seven cards in deal #2, and so on - one more card per hand in each successive deal.
  • In Progressive Rummy, the contracts must be met exactly: 3 cards for a set, and 4 cards for a sequence. There are no extra cards.

To be perfectly clear, here are the number of cards dealt, and the contracts, for each of the seven deals in a game of Progressive Rummy:

Deal NumberCards DealtContract
16Two Sets
27One Set and One Sequence
38Two Sequences
49Three Sets
510Two Sets and One Sequence
611One Set and Two Sequences
712Three Sequences

For the remainder of the rules, refer to the Rules for Contract Rummy.

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  • - This site describes a variant with 15 rounds rather than 7, and also introduces the concept of "buying" cards from the discard pile.

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