Gin Rummy Glossary

The following are a few of unique words and phrases used in playing Gin Rummy (see also: general Rummy glossary):

To discard a card in order to induce an opponent to discard another card of the same rank or in suit and sequence with it. Also known as "baiting", "chumming", "fishing".
Discarding a card to induce your opponent to discard a card one rank away. Also known as "sideways fishing" or "side baiting".
(See "Advertising")
To win a game without the opponent having scored. (See "Shutout").
To withhold a card that would extend a meld for an opponent.
Each entry on the score sheet is known as a box.
Box Score
The score for winning a deal.
Breaking Pairs
To discard a card while holding another card of the same rank (also known as "Splitting Pairs").
To get a particular card or hand.
When playing Chouette Gin Rummy, the captain is the leader of the partnership, and is responsible for handling the cards and making final decisions for the partnership.
A method for more than two people playing a two-person game. One technique for playing Gin Rummy for Three.
Two cards that will become a meld by addition of a suitable third card.
The number of points of deadwood in a hand.
A method for playing Gin Rummy for Three.
Unmatched cards in hand.
Game Bonus
Bonus points awarded to the winner of a game, usually 100 points.
Gin Hand
One with no unmatched cards (no deadwood).
Go Down
Lay down a hand after having knocked or gone gin.
Go Gin
Lay down a gin hand; go rummy.
Gut Card
A card which completes a broken sequence.
The method of scoring Gin Rummy where three games between two players are scored concurrently.
End the play by placing the remainder of one’s cards face up on the table; go down.
Knock Cache
The cards in a player's hand which together sum no more than the knock card. The player can knock with these cards unmatched.
Line Score
Same as "box score".
Man in the Box
When playing Chouette Gin Rummy, the man in the box plays solo against the partnership.
A hand that can be knocked or ginned quickly and requires little skill.
A Gin Rummy variation in which the upcard determines the knocking count. (See Oklahoma Gin.)
A player who frequently picks up low-value cards, merely to reduce their point count.
Any low card picked or held to reduce the deadwood count in a hand.
A Gin Rummy variation in which aces can rank high or low, and sequences can wrap around from high to low ranks. (See Round-the-Corner Gin.) Also known as "Round-the-Horn" Gin.
Safe Card
A discard which your opponent is unlikely to be able to use.
Winning of a game in which the opponent has scored not a single point. All points for the game count double.
To draw a discard which may produce a meld at a later time.
Splitting Pairs
To discard a card while holding another card of the same rank (also known as "Breaking Pairs").
Unrelated cards in a hand.
A group of cards containing two cards of the same rank and a third card of one of two suits. A triangle provides the maximum chances to draw a card to make a meld.
To reduce one's deadwood to the same or lesser count than the knocker's.
Undercut Bonus
Points awarded to an undercutter in addition to the net difference in their deadwood points.
To discard high-ranking cards to reduce your point count.