Cooncan, by Robert Frederick Foster


For Three Players

[The numerals agree with the number of the law governing the same point in the full code. (See Laws Of The Game For Four or Five Players)]

  1. The pack shall consist of fifty-two cards, with or without the addition of a joker at the option of the players.

  2. Seven cards shall be dealt each player, one at a time.

This is a portion of a full-text reproduction of Robert Frederick Foster's book "Cooncan (Conquián): A Game of Cards Also Called Rum", which was published in 1913, by Frederick A. Stokes Company, and is now in the public domain. The text of the book was OCR'd from a vintage copy of the book, and is provided as an educational resource for Rummy players, researchers, and students of the game. Any grammatical or typographical errors are an artifact of this process, and should not be attributed to the author.

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