Cooncan, by Robert Frederick Foster


For Two Players

[The numerals agree with the number of the law governing the same point in the full code. (See Laws Of The Game For Four or Five Players)]

  1. The pack shall consist of forty cards, from the ace to the ten in each of the four suits, the kings, queens and jacks being thrown out. There is no joker.

  2. Each deal is a game in itself.

  3. Ten cards shall be dealt to each player, two at a time.

  4. There must be a new deal if the dealer exposes any card dealt to his opponent, or if any card is found faced in the pack.

  5. If any player has in his hand an incorrect number of cards after he has drawn from the pack or stock, he shall lose the game.

  6. If a player touches the top card of the pack he cannot change his mind and use the card faced on the stock.

  7. If a player faces more than one card in drawing from the pack, his adversary shall decide which shall be the card in play, the other being returned to the top of the pack. All cards drawn from the pack must be turned face up immediately, and must never, under any circumstances, be taken into the player’s hand.

  8. The game is won by the player who first gets eleven cards down. If neither can do so when the pack is exhausted, it is a tableau, and goes to the winner of the next game.

This is a portion of a full-text reproduction of Robert Frederick Foster's book "Cooncan (Conquián): A Game of Cards Also Called Rum", which was published in 1913, by Frederick A. Stokes Company, and is now in the public domain. The text of the book was OCR'd from a vintage copy of the book, and is provided as an educational resource for Rummy players, researchers, and students of the game. Any grammatical or typographical errors are an artifact of this process, and should not be attributed to the author.

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