Bicycle Rummy Games Are Back!

Posted November 2, 2010, 6:34 pm

Bicycle Rummy GamesThis is a new edition of the venerable Rummy cards from Bicycle Playing Cards. These cards were not manufactured for many years, and are finally back on the market!

Bicycle Rummy Games includes two complete decks of rummy cards. Each card contains small numbers and pips across the top of the card (in addition to numbers and pips in the standard locations), which make it easy to see what cards are in your hand when you're holding a large spread of cards, as is required in many rummy games.

In addition to the two standard decks, the package contains a small collection of rummy rules printed on extra cards. This makes it easy to keep the rules with the decks, and keeps the rules handy for easy reference during play.

If you've been holding out for this classic 2-deck set, now's the time to buy Bicycle Rummy Games, while they're in stock and readily available.

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