Rummikub Original

Rummikub Original

Rummikub is the fast moving rummy tile game! Players make points by collecting sets or building runs in the same color. Now featuring thicker playing tiles with an easy-grip contour, this classic game is better than ever! A great combination of strategy and luck makes Rummikub the perfect game for all ages.

It's hard to find family games that are fun and challenging for both kids and adults, but Rummikub fills the bill on all counts. The rules are simple, the game is varied, and the fun is free for everyone! This version of Rummikub has 106 plastic tiles with numbers in different colors and four dark-blue plastic tile racks to hold the tiles during play. The object is similar to rummy card games, combining your tiles in runs (consecutive numbers in the same color) or sets (groups of the same number). The game rolls along at a fast clip, with wild-card joker tiles adding a bit of luck to the strategy needed to win. Get this game out the next time the power goes off and show the kids some old-fashioned fun.

If you're looking for a fast action game where the outcome is undecided until the last play and has a never-ending variety of strategies and play situations, you'll love Rummikub!

Contents of Rummikub Original:

  • 106 easy-grip tiles (1 1/2" x 1 1/16" x 1/8")
  • 4 one-piece plastic playing racks (approximately 10" x 4")
  • Illustrated instructions

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