Kooky Kalooki

Kooky Kalooki

Ya Mon! Kooky Kalooki is a fun family game based on the popular Jamaican Contract rummy where players scramble to lay down all their cards first. Kooky Kards can help you win the game. But when you get stuck with one in your hand at the end of the round you get 50 "dreadful" penalty points! Kooky Kalooki comes with a whopping 112 card deck, all decorated with the traditional colors of Jamaica. After nine different rounds of play, have the lowest score to win. Once you start jammin' to Kooky Kalloki, you will never want to leave this island of adventure! Contents include 112 Kooky Kalooki Cards, six Contract Cards, Easy Reference Point Card and Quick-Start instructions.

  • Based on the popular Jamaican contract rummy
  • Players try to form hands made of runs and sets
  • Comes with a 112 card deck
  • For 3 to 6 players
  • Has a playtime of 60 minutes

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