Dos Trios Card Game

Dos Trios Card Game

Dos Trios is a classic card game from long ago that is heavy on strategy and light on luck. It consists of eight rounds, each of which has a different objective. During each of the eight rounds players strive to complete the respective Bounty and get rid of their cards before their opponents. Penalty points are given to the other players, based on adding up the point values of the cards left in their hands. A Bounty is a combination of cards, made up of Trios and Escaleras. A Trio is a set of three cards of the same value, in any suit. An Escalera is a run of four cards of the same suit. You'll have to be careful how you play Dos Trios - don't be too quick to show your hand, or your opponent will surely take advantage!

Contents of Dos Trios Card Game:

  • 108 Dos Trios Playing Cards
  • 2 Bounty Cards
  • Rules

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