Cub Rummy

Cub Rummy Cub Rummy is an addictive game, where you play your tiles in groups of three or more on the table. You win when you are the first to play all your tiles. Try and beat the computer opponent. Three variations of Tile Rummy included in this freeware game. This is an interesting game of strategy, combination and luck. This game is very popular all over the world, played with tile sets like Rummikub.

Cub Rummy is free! Yes, that's right: you get a fully functional game, without limitations, for free. It contains no spyware, no viruses, it does not pop up ads on your screen, it does not collect personal information from you and it sends no information over the internet. But because it's free, Cub Rummy has fewer features that its big brother, Rummi.

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By YPR Software
Operating System: Windows
Version: 1.1, 2004-07-14

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