Classic Gin Rummy

Classic Gin Rummy Classic Gin Rummy, written by Gin expert Michael Terry, is the premier Gin game for the Macintosh. It features three skill levels, (from beginner to advanced), support for all of the most popular rule variations (No-Knock Gin, Oklahoma Gin, and Strict "Hoyle" Rules Gin), and nearly a dozen special theme files to customize the characters, sounds and decks. Also included is an extensive Gin tutorial to help the player learn, or re-learn the game quickly. Gin is the most popular two person card game in the world, and now Classic Gin Rummy from Freeverse brings that same blend of strategy, skill and luck to the Mac.

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By Freeverse Software
Operating System: Macintosh
Version: 3.0, 1999-03-30

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