World Series of Gin Rummy 2008

Posted March 16, 2008, 11:04 pm

The Gin Rummy Association has announced that the 2008 World Series of Gin Rummy will take place May 18-21, 2008 at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

This annual event is the largest Gin Rummy Tournament in the world, with over one hundred players from around the world participating in what has become a prestigious, world-class event. The winner is awarded the title of "Best Gin Rummy Player in the World", along with a substantial cash prize ($40,000 in the 2004 event). The prize money and trophies are greatly coveted by those that have competed in past tournaments.

The World Series of Gin Rummy was created by the President of the Gin Rummy Association, John Hainline, who has been long been ranked among the top Gin Rummy players in the world.

Entry fees are $1200 for the singles tournament, and $300 per person for partnerships.

Additional tournaments will take place August 23-25 in St. Louis, Missouri, and November 16-19 in Las Vegas.

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