Kalooki Nights

Posted November 19, 2006, 9:10 am

Kalooki NightsOK, admittedly, this bit of news is only peripherally related to the game of Rummy. Still it is a prominent mention of a Rummy variant, and that's something.

Kalooki Nights is a new novel from English author Howard Jacobson. The title is a reference to the card game that the narrator's mother plays nightly. As the review from The Independent says, "the game of kalooki, which Max's mother lives for, requires calculation and empathy, not just what you might do with your hand of cards, but what others might reveal by what they do with theirs."

Publisher's description: Life should have been sunny for Max Glickman, growing up in Crumpsall Park in peacetime, with his mother's glamorous card evenings to look forward to, and photographs of his father's favourite boxers on the walls. But other voices whisper seductively to him of Buchenwald, extermination, and the impossibility of forgetting.


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