Solomon's Gin Rummy / Video Poker

Solomon's Gin Rummy / Video Poker Gin Rummy is a popular card game with just enough luck/skill combination that it can be enjoyed with or without gambling. The rules are easy enough. Simply arrange your cards into sets or runs and knock before your opponent does. Our FREE Gin Rummy game has a "face up" feature that beginners can use to see how the game is played. The game is designed with excellent graphics and animation. Game play is fast efficient and exciting as the computer opponent challenges you at a skill level that will keep you on your toes. Select your Gin Rummy preferences from the options menu, copy your favorite pictures into the pics folder for your own custom background and enjoy hours of your favorite card game.

This game also includes is a Video Poker simulation. Enjoy both of these games on any custom background of your choice with smooth animation, light sound effects and smart game play with the challenging computer opponent at Gin Rummy and the tutor mode of Video Poker.

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By Maareyes Solomon
Operating System: Windows
Version: 3.0.4, 2010-09-15

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