Rummikub Large Numbers Edition

Rummikub Large Numbers Edition

This edition of Rummikub is just like the original version of the fast-moving rummy tile game loved by millions, but with bright oversized numbers that let you see much more easily the tiles you have and the tiles your opponents lay down; plus the orange set has been substituted for green for clearer color distinction! The large, sturdy tiles measure 1 x 1.5 inches, and the big numbers on the tiles are 7/8" tall making them really easy to see.

Featuring one-piece tile racks and brightly colored, easy-to-read numbered tiles, this set will provide Rummikub fans with years of enjoyment. Similar to the Rummy that you play with cards, you try to get rid of all your tiles by forming numbers into runs of 3 tiles or more, or 3 to 4 of a kind. The colors of the numbers on the tiles are like card suits. This game may start rather uneventfully, but when the players start putting more and more tiles in play, the options for your upcoming turns can become more complex, challenging, and exciting. Don't get caught with the joker on your rack if someone else shouts out "Rummikub!"

Contents of Rummikub - Large Numbers Edition:

  • 106 Tiles
  • 4 Racks
  • Rules
  • Pouch

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