Piatnik Canasta Double Deck

Piatnik Canasta Double Deck

Canasta provides hours of Latin inspired family fun! Canasta is a rummy game that excites with it's wild cards and high scoring hands. This game became the favorite of millions when it arrived from South America with the Samba and Bossa Nova, and it remains popular with players of all ages and skill levels today. Canasta brings you concise rules for the basic game, plus two game variations including Samba Canasta and Bolivia. These 108 high quality cards (2 full decks plus 4 jokers) feature point values printed on the card face.

Piatnik is world-renowned for it's quality playing cards, and this handsome set will hold up to even the most fervent Canasta players.

Contents of Canasta:

  • 2 Decks of Cards Including Jokers (108 cards)
  • 6 Score Cards
  • Strategy and Rules Guide

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