Phase 10 Card Game

Phase 10 Card Game

Phase 10 is a Rummy-type card game with challenging and exciting twists! The challenge is to be the first to complete 10 melds (phases). The twist is that the phase to be completed is specific for each hand. Those that complete the phase advance to the next, but those that have not must try again. Designed for two to six players. Fits anywhere, great for travel! Contents: 108 cards, complete instructions.

Said by some to be the most challenging card game you will ever play, Phase 10 will no doubt give your card playing skills a run for their money! Phase 10 is a rummy-type card game with a twist.

  • Complete ten phases
  • Similar to Rummy
  • Complete a phase and advance to the next
  • Keeps adults entertained as well as kids
  • Contains 108 cards

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