Mobile Beamable Gin Rummy

Mobile Beamable Gin Rummy Beamable Gin Rummy is simply an infrared blast! Play this classic card game with a friend on your PDA. This multiplayer version of Gin Rummy allows you to play on 2 devices through the infrared port, or on a single device (by passing the device back and forth between players). Great for long trips where it's too inconvenient to use a real deck of cards. Even better across the conference room table during a boring meeting! Digitally duel with a co-worker, but be carefull to look before you beam!

Notice: This is multiplayer Gin Rummy only, this is not a single player ("Computer AI") game.

  • Multiplayer Gin Rummy
  • Beam your moves to another device!
  • Play on a single device too
  • The classic card game
  • Great fun across the conference room table!
  • The computer computes player's valid moves

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By Webfoot Technologies
Operating System: PocketPC
Version: 2.0, 2005-05-04

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