GinRummy for the PalmPDA

GinRummy for the PalmPDA Play a card game of luck and strategy on your Palm. Play Straight Gin, Standard and Oklahoma rules variations, with standard and Hollywood scoring options.

  • Two skill levels for the Computer opponent.
  • Independent Statistics of game won, and highest scores for Standard and Hollywood Scoring.
  • Straight Gin, Standard and Oklahoma rules variation.
  • Standard, Hollywood-short and Hollywood scoring method.
  • Customizable play rules and bonus points.
  • Configurable computer move indicator.
  • Auto or manual cards grouping.
  • Alternate card groups prompting from fully automatic to manual.
  • User selectable automatic or manual Knock and Gin.
  • Single/Double card tap to select.
  • Auto/Prompt and Manual knocking and gin.
  • Full undo. You can undo till start of game.
  • Sound effect (User selectable).
  • Supports Color, Gray scale and black-white displays.

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By Tan Kok Mun
Operating System: Palm
Version: 2.3, 2003-03-04

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