Canasta Caliente

Canasta Caliente

Canasta Caliente is hot! The Canasta craze of the 1950's is back with this spicy twist on an old favorite! Canasta is basically a variation of our old standby, Rummy. The object of this game is to be the first team to score 5,000 points by laying down and adding to sets of cards and by building at least one "Canasta" (7 or more cards of the same kind). Special cards add to the fun: Stop cards block an opponent from claiming the "Prize" pile (every player's desire); Wild cards "freeze" the pile and also help you build larger sets: BONUS cards score an instant 100 points. Go out first and you'll score extra points!

Please note: If using a card tray (optional), make sure the tray can fit standard (poker) size cards both frontways and sideways.

Contents of Canasta Caliente:

  • 112 custom playing cards that capture the South American spirit of the game
  • Illustrated rules

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